We caught up with Symetrik to get their top 10 picks for the month.

1 – Noir – Fabulous (Dennis Cruz Remix)

Loving the synthy break down on this track, has a great atmosphere.

2 – Bizen Lopez – Una Noche Sin Cafe (Hugo Remix)

Starts off real minimal, then after the second breakdown it really gets going. It’s been a real crowd pleaser for us lately.

3 – Matthias Tanzmann, Sven Tasnadi – Teo Teo

Tanzmann never disappoints, the tribal vibe and vocals will guarantee to get the dance floor grooving.

4 – Andre Butano & Miguel Lobo – Sizzurp Overdose

The tracks got a deep bass’y roll, and were loving the answer phone sample. 

5 – Butch – El Camion (Ellroy Remix)

Love it for the weird breakdown with the vocals, we first played it out at Kendal Calling and the crowd loved it.

6 – Rampa – Necessity

We first heard this out in Ibiza over summer, when Dixon played all night long at Space. Its an absolute dance floor destroyer! Part of the “Innervisions Secret Weapons” album.

7 – Martin Buttrich – Hoochie Mama

We came across this on youtube whilst randomly looking through older tracks, love the groove to it.

8 – Patrick Topping – Brayed (Original Mix)

We love playing this out due to the west breakdown, everyones like “what the f//ck is this”, then it drops and everyone goes nuts.

9 – Yousef – Are You Ready

We love a track with a bit of acid in it, this one is quality from yousef.

10 – Octave One – Blackwater (Octave one strings vocal mix)

We chose this as its an absolute classic. It  just makes you think of summer whenever you hear it and all those good times.

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