LIVI drops here 3rd independent release Funky Feelings, which has received strong report from various international music blogs. LIVI says the track is about “honest, exciting and uncomplicated feelings you have for someone when you first meet,” says LIVI. “The song is about daring to not hold back and just simply embracing the funky feeling of fancying the … More LIVI / FUNKY FEELINGS


LIVI releases the second instalment from her independent E.P ‘Snow Snakes‘. Follow LIVI Facebook  > >  LIVI Soundcloud  > >  LIVI  


LIVI makes here debut release with Blue skies. French Music blog Pause Musicale describes their discovery of Blue Skies below. “A gentle sweeping of delicate notes and haunting rhythm, here LIVI with the first title from her EP, echoes exquisite finesse, LIVI twirls its cadences with grace. Singer and producer LIVI twist notes with serene sweetness and a heady air of … More LIVI / BLUE SKIES


‘LIVI’ is a unique edition to the agency, not only as the first female artist to join the team, but also as the first non DJ on the agency. ‘LIVI’s’ smooth electronic sound caught our attention 6 months ago and since then she has gone from strength to strength with a recent string of releases … More INTRODUCING LIVI